National Creator Award

The announcement that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present at the Bharat Mandapam on Friday to present the very first National Creators Award was made by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) on Thursday. The PMO has disseminated this information to the general public. This get-together is going to take place on Friday, according to the plans. This particular event will proceed in the manner that was originally planned, as it has been decided.

According to a statement that was disseminated by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), the objective of the award is to recognise and honour individuals who have made significant contributions and excellent accomplishments in a wide variety of fields. Some of the industries that are included in this category include the following: the tale, advocacy for social change, environmental sustainability, tourism, technology, education, and gaming. Nevertheless, this list does not contain everything. The PMO has stated their end of the situation.

There have been a significant number of people who have been able to bring attention to their capabilities and traits as a consequence of the support that social media platforms have provided. In terms of the production of content that has been developed by young people in India, there has been a great degree of development that has taken place. The following statement was made by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, earlier on X: “The National Creators Award has been initiated to honour their talent.” that was the announcement that was made.

It has come to our attention that the National Creator Award has been met with a substantial level of engagement from members of the general community, also known as the general public. More than one and a half million nominations were received during the preliminary round, and these nominations were subsequently allocated among twenty various categories of nominees. Following the completion of the preliminary phase, this distribution took place.

Within a short period after that, during the voting process, about ten lakh votes were cast for digital creators from all over the world in a wide range of prize categories. The votes that were cast were distributed throughout a wide range of categories. This resulted in the selection of a total of twenty-three winners, according to the statement that was issued by the Programme Management Office (PMO). Three of these winners were innovators from other countries that were not located in the United States.

Not only did the list of nominees include well-known musicians, but it also included younger actors and actresses who are just beginning their careers in the entertainment industry. Consequently, the list contained a wide variety of items. In addition to social media influencers such as Komal Pandey, Siddharth Batra, and Kritika Khurana Ranveer, the list also includes celebrity creators such as Katrina Kaif, Kangana Ranaut, Jackie Shroff, Sadhguru, Yash, and Sunil Chhetri; best storytellers such as Zakir Khan, Keerthika Govindasamy, Ranveer Allahbadia, Zeel Patel, and Avijit Jamloki; and Nancy Tyagi, Sushant Divgikr, Revant Himatsingka, Shivam Malik, Favourite Green Champion Abhinav Yadav, Vani Murthy, and Ramveer Tanwar are among the individuals who have been presented with the title of Disruptor of the Year. Furthermore, Sandeep Maheshwari, Supriya Paul, Siddhesh Lokare, and Sushant Divgikr have been lauded as the most outstanding authors of content that is associated with social change.

Twenty different categories will be awarded, including the best storyteller, the disruptor, the celebrity creator, the green champion, the best creator for social change, the most impactful agri creator, the cultural ambassador, the best travel creator, the swachhta ambassador, the new India champion, the tech creator, heritage fashion, the most creative creator (male and female), the best creator in the food category, the best creator in education, and the international creator award. In the process of selecting the recipient of the prize, every one of these aspects will be taken into consideration.

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