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A new three-part documentary series called Killer Sally was advertised on Netflix. The series was telecasted in the United StatesUnited Kingdom and other regions of the globe on the 2nd November 2022.

Have you ever seen the series? Would you like to learn the storyline of the series? Reddit has some photos of Ray's autopsy. Let's now look at Ray Mcneil Autopsy Pictures Reddit.


Ray Autopsy Photos Reddit:

Pictures of Ray's autopsy circulated on Reddit starting 3rd November 2022, after the Netflix series aired. The pictures were posted on Reddit by the r/CrimeScenePhotos and r/TheDayFile, but they were later removed according to Reddit community guidelines. Ray's autopsy photos are not known to have come from.

Reddit pages r/Usa_Wibes (and r/DrmazClub) shared news about Ray's autopsy. These posts are still active. For more information, please visit or

The web pages included links to for watching autopsy pictures and Crime Scene Photos. After being redirected to or, however, there were no videos or pictures available.

Ray's Cause for Death:

Ray left home at 8:30 pm on the night of February 14th-1995 to go out and buy chicken. Ray returned at 10:30 pm. Ray was suspected by Sally of cheating on her. The couple got into an argument.

Ray was being cooked in the kitchen when Sally opened fire with a shotgun. Sally claimed that Ray attempted to attack her. Sally pulled out her short gun and fired another shot at Ray.

Sally told her neighbors about the incident, and they called 911. Sally's Husband was stained with blood all over. Ray suffered injuries to his hands and knees as well as a fractured upper jaw and a hole in the torso. He also had wounds to his abdomen and face.

Ray was transported to the hospital, but he did not survive serious injuries. Ray's official death was confirmed by an official statement on 21-February-2022.

Ray Obituary

Ray's last rites were not documented.

Social Media Accounts Links

Social media accounts weren't common in the 1990s. We found the following exclusive Ray pages on social media.




Ray Wikipedia HTML3_ :

OccupationProfessional bodybuilder, media face, US Marine Sergeant, and entrepreneur
Causes of deathshot dead
Net worth$1.2 Million
Marital StatusMarried
Weight209.43 lbs
Hight5.11 feet
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Shoe size8 US

Ray is Married?

Ray was married to Sally. Sally was a Marine sergeant. They began to fall in love and were married after just a few months.

Sally was a professional bodybuilder and a marine sergeant. After Ray cheated on her, she became violent and aggressive. We will now discuss Ray Mcneil Autopsy Photo Reddit. Rumours abound that Ray had multiple extramarital affairs.

Ray was Sally's second husband. In 1990, she was arrested for pointing a gun towards her first husband. Sally had broken a heavy object into Ray's car. She believed Ray was having an affair and attacked Ray during a bodybuilding contest. Sally attacked and threatened a Pennsylvania police officer after attacking a bouncer at a Pennsylvania bar in 1993.

Sally displayed Ray's nail marks along her neck on the day of the gunfire. She claimed Ray had attacked her, and that Ray shot her in self-defense. This was an unusual act by the mother to two Children.

Ray Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion:

Ray McNeil was a citizen of the United States and a Christian. Ray was mixed African-American.

Ray Early Life:

Ray started his career as a marine officer. Ray later became a professional bodybuilder.

Ray's Date of Birth, Age, and Death:

Ray was born 17-December-1964. He was thirty-years, one months and twenty-seven years old. He died on the 14th of February 1995.

Note: All information gathered from the web.


Reddit had Ray's autopsy photos for just a few hours from 3rd November. Reddit users saw the images and began blogging. There was a feeling of curiosity that the blogs created. Many accounts, such as u/Every_connection_358 and its members, requested to provide links for Ray Mcneil Autopsy Photos Reddit for viewing. The disturbing content of the photos from r/CrimeScenePhotos, and r/TheDayFile was deemed unacceptable.

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